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Reset 101 Devon

Vagus nerve, Lymphatics, introduction to unique Functional Medicine principles. Two days of result-changing work, possibly life-changing for your clients.

Reset 101 Devon
Reset 101 Devon

Time & Location

01 Nov 2024, 09:30 GMT – 02 Nov 2024, 17:30 GMT

Bowen College, Bowen College UK Chimmels Park Road Dartington Hall Estate, Totnes TQ9 6EQ, UK

About the event

2-day Workshop

9:30am - 5:30pm

When thinking lymphatics, think cardiovascular health, immune system, chronic pain, nervous system health.

Basically, whole body health.

When thinking vagus nerve, think the same, but also add gut health, inflammation, and mental health to the mix.

Keeping an eye and working on both these sytems whilst adding very specific Functional Medicine principles guidance and you'll have an amazing set of skills in helping your clients in ways you never thought possible. 

  • Nervous system overview
  • Vagus and other relevant cranial nerves
  • Vagus nerve functions - including gut health, inflammation, organs
  • Problems that might affect vagal function
  • Introduction to the Polyvagal theory
  • Lymphatics: presentations or symptoms relating to lymphatic dysfunction
  • Lymphatics anatomy and flow patterns
  • Glymphatics - lymphatics in the brain
  • The Big Crossover when working with the vagus nerve and lymphatics
  • Introduction to basic Functional Medicine/Health principles
  • Introduction to TH1/TH2/TH17 immune types

Practical work:

  • Assessing the vagus nerve
  • Vagal stim hotspots
  • Resetting the TMJ - working on trigeminal/vagus nerve connection
  • Cranial lymphatics: clearing glymphatic pathways - including cervical and sinus work
  • Lymphatic draining techniques of the abdomen and mesenteric
  • Assessing & assisting in digestive problems


  • Reset101 Devon

    A two-day workshop open to all bodyworkers.

  • Reset101 Devon Deposit

    Balance of £200 will be due 2 weeks before the workshop date.

  • Reset101 Devon Balance

    Full payment will be completed.




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