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For practitioners


8 week Mentorship starting
1st April 2024

The Vagus nerve
The Lymphatic system
Basic principles of Functional Medicine

Once you see it, you won't be able to "unsee" it.

Working at home
  • 8 week self-study program with weekly live Q&A's

  • Learn to read "in between the lines"

  • You'll have my full support along the way

  • Join in from wherever you are in the world

  • New content released every week

  • Complete at your own pace

  • Lifetime access to all content, including recorded Q&A's

  • Access to a closed Facebook group for further support

What you will learn

  • Anatomy of your vagus nerve.

  • Your vagus and digestion. 

  • Your vagus, inflammation & immune health. 

  • Your vagus and cardiovascular health.

  • Your vagus and social engagement - the Polyvagal theory.

  • How to test and identify problems with vagal tone & function.

  • The Cardiovascular system and the Lymphatic process

  • Anatomy of lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes

  • Lymphatic organs

  • Lymphatic distribution and trunks

  • Lymphatic "choke points"

  • Glymphatics - lymphatics in the brain

  • Assessing & recognising problems


  • Unique Functional Medicine principles 

  • Learn to recognise when long-standing complaints have underlying chronic inflammatory drivers. 

  • Learn how to shift these inflammatory and TH-cell responses, all based on the work of Dr Stewart Gillespie (

And lots more...

  • Vagus hotspots

  • Atlas/Axis (C1/C2) reset

  • Suboccipital release

  • Neck release

  • TMJ/jaw reset - including intra-oral 

  • Tongue/Hyoid release

  • Hiatus hernia 

  • Opening the diaphragm

  • Fine tuning the vestibular system - including ocular reflexes

  • Sympathetic reset - Spinal and sacrum release

  • Breathing

  • Draining of Glymphatics and Sinuses

  • Draining of the upper body, including abdominal/mesenteric lymph work

  • Liver work

  • Clearing the pelvis and legs

  • Stimulating the sacrum and spinal lymphatics

All practical work is soft tissue work with no chiropractic/osteopathic "adjustments".

Chronic inflammation is the underlying driver of most dis-eases. 
But because we're all so different, we often get stuck in our own type of chronic inflammatory drive, aka TH cell responses.

These TH cell responses are recognisable by the symptoms our bodies present with.
Learn the basics of how to recognise and shift this chronic inflammatory drive.

Become the go-to practitioner!

Starting date:
1st April 2024

Investment to upgrade your practice to the next level
and lifetime access to all the material :



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